How to change the value of a game on Android

Know how to change the value of a Game on Android.


No doubt Android is a fantastic software ever made for pocket devices like smartphones, tablets of smartwatches. There is a lot we still don’t know about Android and learning every day. In today’s article, I’m going to show you how you can change the value of a game on Android.

By changing value, I want to mean that changing the value of gold, gems or coins in a game. As well as in games you can also apply the trick on various Android apps.

Changing the value of a game on Android is never easier as mentioned in the method below. All you need to do is download an application, and that can be download from below.

How to change the value of a Game on Android

There are some simple requirements you need to fulfill before start changing value on a game. Please check the requirements first and then proceed to the steps.


You only need to fulfill that two requirements and you are ready to go.



After downloading the GGuardian application on your Android, you can simply head to the steps.

At first, install the GGuardian application by enabling the unknown sources in the settings of your phone.

After the application gets installed open the app and it will ask for Root permission. Just Give the root permission to the application and click on the start button Game Guardian.

After that, it will hide the settings and will be only visible as a popup icon on your Android screen.

Now open the desired game you want to hack the value.

And after the game completely loads click on the GGuardian app icon and it will ask you to choose the game you are on from a list.

Choose the game name and then click on the search button and in the value section type the origin value of Gold, Gems or anything you want to change.

Suppose you have 3478 gems in a game, you need to type that value (3478) in the value section. Also find out what TuTuApp is.

After that select Dword from “Type” section and then click on the search button.

Now it will show you all the result for the value if you are confused which one will work, only try to change the original value of the gems by spending them or earning them. Now matter if the value increases or decreases, just modify the value of initial value and then again open the GGuardian windows and then without searching try to find the value after changing and then change it to the amount you want.Here you can also see this Download Android Apps


That’s how you can modify the value of any Android game or application. With this trick, you can increase an amount up to 999,999,999. That’s the maximum amount you can enter with the GGuardian application.