How To Block Axis Bank Debit Crad


There is no doubt that Axis Bank is one of the most famous banks that is operating in India, they offer very good service to the people who own a bank account with them. And I have not come across the people who are unhappy with the banking service which is offered by the bank. Personally, I am one of their customers and using their banking services from last 2 years and I am very happy the service they are providing I hope even you are happy the service offered by the bank.

In this article, I will tell you the steps which you need to follow to block your Axis Bank card in case you have lost or misplaced it somewhere. Let me tell you one thing if you have lost your Axis Bank ATM card or debit card somewhere then make sure you block it as soon as possible. I am telling this because when someone opens a bank account with Axis Bank they will get their debit card in the welcome kit as soon as their account is opened.

And most of the debit cards which are provided by the bank to their customers are international debit cards. But what are these international debit cards and why you should block it immediately if you have lost it? Find your answer below.

What are international debit cards?

We all know about debit cards they help us to withdraw money from our bank account without visiting our home branch. All we have to do is find an ATM machine or center which is near to our location and we are good to go. The debit card which is issued in India but also can be used outside India are nothing but called as International Debit Cards.

Why should you block your card immediately?

As I have mentioned above that these cards can be used internationally if you lose your debit card somewhere and it goes into wrong hands. If that person who found your debit card uses it online on any international website then the money from your bank account will be deducted without asking them to enter your ATM Pin or any kind of OTP which you receive from the bank.

What should you do now?

Now you have to block your card as soon as possible before someone misuses it. What are you waiting for? follow the steps mentioned below and get your debit card blocked.

How to Block Axis Bank Debit Card?

So now let us move to the main part of this article and read about the steps which you have to follow to block your debit card.

By calling emergency helpline number:

  • Call the emergency helpline number of Axis Bank: +91-22-67987700.
  • Tell them that you have lost your debit card and want to block it.
  • They will ask you few questions for verification purpose.
  • Once you answer them correctly they will block your card.

By Sending SMS from Registered Mobile Number:

  • And you have to send it to 5676782 from your registered mobile number.
  • Your card will be immediately blocked by the bank.

So these are the two methods by following which you can block your Axis Bank debit card if you have lost it somewhere. If you are facing any difficulties then you can contact customer care of the bank for further assistance.